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with krystel stacey, author of
"She minds her own business"

Hi SHE BOSS! does this sound like you?

You are an entrepreneur and expert in your industry and now you want to SCALE.

You love systems and processes that are DONE FOR YOU! 

You want to be THE BEST educator, coach, or mentor for other women entrepreneurs.

I am going to walk you through the step-by-step process of designing a life and business you love, and how you can coach other women entrepreneurs to do the same. 

IF SO, Let’s go! 

You are a leader, and others want to learn from your experience.

You want to make sure you are doing it right and have a precise plan.

You love a good foundation and curriculum so you don't have to recreate the wheel. 


 What does your dream life look like? Have you been wanting to take the next step for a while? 
Are you ready to have an exact blueprint on how to create a coaching program that will transform lives and businesses? It's already planned out for you and you get to make it your own.

Can you imagine?

How did I get here?

I have been helping people plan one of the most important days of their lives (as wedding designer and planner) for over a decade, and I realized that I was selling myself short. 

I was helping people plan this one day, but I had figured out a formula that could help others plan their dream life and business. It was time to level up to my full potential and help others DESIGN THEIR LIFE.

Over the years I have struggled with wanting to make sure I was "doing it right." It being BUSINESS. I wanted to find the secret key to success. What I learned over the last decade is that there isn't one key. There are many! Now I want to share them with you.  

A successful person has systems place, they know their purpose, and are pursuing their passions. They didn't just end up in their life. They planned it. They created it! I have found the formula to designing a life and business that you love. Now I want share it with the world. 

My proven process that I wrote about in "She Minds Her Own Business" has helped hundreds of women entrepreneurs do just that. Now I am LEVELING UP once more by creating this program to walk you through the steps of becoming a successful guide and coach using this curriculum and becoming "SHE certified". 

Start living the life you have always imagined. 

I'm Krystel. I'll be your guide

You can become SHE Certified in just 10 weeks. Our weekly group guidance and our SHE program includes my step-by-step guide to the fundamentals of designing a life and business you love. You will learn the philosophies, systems, and processes and be able to teach and build upon these with your own clients. 

Ready to begin your new future? 

become SHE certified If You want to:

Build a new stream of revenue using your existing expertise. 

Learn how to be a successful coach and help your clients take action. 

Learn my proven systems that will help produce results. 

Learn how to guide others to design the life and business they love. 

Steal my EXACT curriculum that feels unique, even though you can use it 
with every client. 

You will not have to wonder about where to FOCUS as the entire plan has already been created for you. You can continue to follow your wildest dreams while helping others achieve theirs. 

Are you ready 
to write the
next Chapter of
your story?

I'm Krystel, 

What is 

"she certification"?

I'll be
your guide



What's included:

 28 videos over the course of 10 weeks

10 group guidance calls LIVE (via instagram live on our private instagram) 

BONUS 2: Trainings from TOP industry professionals 

SHE forum time (connecting you to like-minded women and coaches)

Template questions and worksheets you can use with your clients. 

BONUS 3: Ticket to Confetti Conference   (where you will meet your ideal clients) 

BONUS 1 : Get the SHE book and OWN IT workbook

EXTRAS: Special Offers & Discounts just for you and your clients.


Access to our elite private instagram community

MASTERMIND days (sessions to ask your burning questions)

Access to top industry professionals on my team (***special offers) 

Bonus & Extras

Week 1: Designing your Couture Life and Business 

3 videos, 2 pdfs & LIVE session 

Account for where you are now and decide where you want to go.
Creating a clear idea of what you want and how you will get there. 
Learn to set boundaries and let go to let more goodness come. 

Week 2: Success, Passion, & Purpose 

2 videos, 2 pdfs, & LIVE session

Discover your purpose, how to profit from your passions, 
and grow your wildly successful coaching business! 

Week 3: Values & Priorities

3 videos, 3 pdfs, & LIVE session

Create an action plan that is in alignment with your core values and priorities while focusing on the areas that need improvement most in your life and business.

Week 4: Goal Setting 

2 videos, 4 pdfs, & LIVE session

Learn my signature goal setting process.
Create your GEM goals and figure out your BRILLIANT GOAL.
You will learn more about this inside. 

Week 5: The Fine Art of Scheduling

2 videos, 3 pdfs, & LIVE session

Creating your ideal schedule that fits the dream life you have always imagined.  Build on the essentials of time blocking while making sure to fit in your priorities. How to give yourself more time throughout the day and create an effective timeline for your life. 

Identify what areas of your life need your focus right now in order to move the needle forward. Also learn how to hone in on your OWN your aesthetic! Creating focus for your goals and your brand. 

Week 7: Build Your Tribe 

3 videos, 3 pdfs, & LIVE session

Learn how to build and manage your team. Leading by example. Figure out how to delegate and outsource when needed. 

Grow your following and scope of influence. 

Week 8: Review, Refine, Edit,
AND Get After it!

3 videos, 3 pdfs, & LIVE session

Review of your current products, services, and pricing.
Set up irresistible service offerings that will SELL OUT months in advance. 

Week 9: High Standards

3 videos, LIVE session & 2 BONUS trainings

Ditch limiting beliefs and roadblocks.
Create an elevated life on your terms. 

Week 10: Rules to Live by

2 videos, LIVE session, 3 BONUS trainings & 2 pdfs

Create your own rules to live by for your personal life and your business that will give you clarity in every decision you make moving forward to help you GROW your successful business. 

Week 6: Find Your Focus 

5 videos, 6 pdfs, & LIVE session

Here's what you will learn:

You are the "best of the best" in your industry. It’s time to take it to the next level and begin giving back by educating others, growing in new ways, and helping others discover their joie de vivre. 

She Certification Program is priced at two low payments of $4987.
Which some of our coaches have made back before 
our 10 week certification was even over!

 I'm so ready  to apply now!

The deadline to apply for She Certification is March 3rd. The She Certification Program will begin in March 2021. 


-Tenley Leopold
 Health Coach/Lifestyle Influencer

"Walking through this step by step goal setting process helped me to clearly define my goals and what I need to do next. It gave me confidence and clarity of all that I've been dreaming up, but didn't know how to jump the hurdles to those next steps. Most importantly, I found my purpose, which set everything in place to move forward. "

-Lola del camp0
Wedding & design expert

"The book is pure GOLD. It encourage me to mind my own business, to be myself, and see the world through the pink , yellow or red glasses (whichever I choose). I learned that I must stop comparing myself but rather to know and choose to be myself, my brilliant self and execute on my incredible ideas."

-Tina Sullivan
Writer & Blogger

"Krystel helped me to evaluate my life and to take a simple act of courage to pursue my dreams. In her book, She Minds Her Own Business, she shares her experiences, both in business and life, which challenged me to ask myself: “Why not me?” Her confidence and charm made the book an enjoyable read and effective in making changes in my life. I also loved the workbook that kept me accountable while reading it."

Why is this program 10 weeks?

We believe that every 12 weeks your life should shift and have a new area of focus. So we are using 10 weeks to teach the program and bond. We wanted to give you a week ahead of time to look over the book and workbook and then a week after to digest everything. 

Can I sign up for She Certification anytime?

No. Certification programs are held each semester but they fill up fast. So if you are interested now is the time to apply or jump on our waiting list. 

Is this a good fit for me?

If you want to design a life and business that you love and help other women entrepreneurs do the same then this is the program for you. The step-by-step guide for SHE certification so that you can be an expert in the ways of “SHE” and help others design and love their lives and business.

Is this program for event creatives only?

No. This program is for anyone that wants to dive into mentorship, coaching, and education for other women entrepreneurs.

What if I can’t make it to this years Confetti Conference (which is included in my program price)?

The chance to meet others in your SHE program is a highlight of Confetti Conference. However, if you can’t make it this year, it’s ok. You can use your ticket toward a future Confetti Conference.  

I have a few more questions… can I contact you?

Of course! I really want this to be the perfect fit, and I want to make sure all of your questions are answered. You can email me at

Frequently asked questions

Ready to meet your SHE-E-O?

The ultimate SHE Guide. She is the author of "She Minds Her Own Business”. 

Creative entrepreneur, business expert, and motivational speaker. 

She is dedicated to inspiring fellow leaders and entrepreneurs by sharing her success and struggles while owning and running three thriving businesses. She has been recognized as a leader in her field and nominated Woman of the Year by San Diego Magazine.

Krystel's work has been featured on Huffington Post, Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides Magazine, and The Knot. With over a decade of experience in business she is now sharing her expertise and secrets to success.

She resides with her husband, daughter, and pup in Coronado, CA, where she is inspired by the sunshine and sea.

She believes that this life is a gift, and you only get one chance to live it so you must go after your dreams full force. She now helps many coaches and entrepreneurs to live the life they imagined. 

You are the "best of the best" in your industry. It’s time to take it to the next level and begin giving back by educating others, growing in new ways, and helping others discover their joie de vivre. 

She Certification Program is priced at two low payments of $4987. 
Which some of our coaches have made back before our 10 week certification was even over!


The deadline to apply for She Certification is March 3rd. The She Certification Program will begin in March 2021.